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“The Bigger Blog Swap,” version 2oo8.
November 19, 2008, 11:22 am
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20SB Blog Swap 3

Hey all, MinD here.
As part of the 20 Something BloggersBlog Swap 3,” I’ve traded places today with the one, the only,
WishMeWell from Bored Thoughts.
So check out his post below (even if he does root for the Giants, puh), and don’t forget to go check out my blog for today over on his site. I’ll be back in due time with something mildly fantastic!

Hey There! So this is totally not who you’re used to reading. Don’t be afraid, Min-D is all well and good, and she’s posting where i usually write, Bored Thoughts. I am wishmewell, I inexplicably don’t use my real name blogging, even tho I post pictures of myself on the internet. That’s anonymity for ya!

Well I do have some unfortunate news for all of you. As many of you I’m sure are away, bloggers are sad, lonely, and above all extremely, extremely bitter people. Unfortunately for you, I’m in a good mood this week. I finally got to quit my job, because I got a new, better one! (that sound you hear is me tooting my own horn…i think i’ve used that joke more times this week than ever before). So I’m just not my usual bitter, yet hilarious, self. Well my psyche be dammed, I promised a guest post, and by george, I will deliver a guest post! So now I’m coming to come up with a list of things that just make me irrationally angry.

The first thing that is making me indescribably angry and confused is Twilight. I mentioned this on my blog, but I’m just THAT confused. Especially with the premiere. Apparently girls, like young girls, were cutting their necks so it looked like they had been bitten by a FUCKING VAMPIRE! Seriously? This is making people want to get bitten, by a damn Vampire?! VAMPIRES ARE HORRIFYING! What happened to good old VAMPIRES ARE SCARY style logic? They are the undead. If I write a book about horny teenage zombies that don’t actually wind up having sex will hundreds of thousands of kids buy it….wait a second. That’s an idea! Umm, pretend I never said any of that, and if you happen to see a Zombie novel with a teenage on the cover, umm, buy it.

Another thing that makes me mad (do I sound like a bitter 80 year old, and not a 23) The weather (originality FTW) A lot of this is because I am a supremely lazy person, and I don’t like checking the weather report. I go by what yesterday was like plus what I see out the window. So I figure the temperature will be the same. Unfortunately, over the past month here in New York City (did a New York blogger really get this far into a post without mentioning that they lived there? Is that a new record?) its been ridiculous. It was pushing 60 degrees on Thursday and Friday. It was about the same on Saturday, just rainy (but i knew that! Thanks window). Do you know what it is right this second? 35 degrees!!! Are you kidding me? I can’t plan for a 25 degree shift! So because of these few days everyone is going to be sick and miserable in the city. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Awesome!

And finally, the one thing that is just getting to me lately? Heroes? I don’t even want to talk about why, but if you watch it, you know what I’m talking about. There was so much promise there. So many ways that show could have been just the best thing ever. Sigh, well at least How I Met Your Mother is still awesome.

Well that wraps it up for me. Tomorrow you will be back to your regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and one more thing, Go Giants!

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I thought it was a good guest post until the “go giants” part…

Comment by Matt

Sorry Matt, I have no idea how to process The Giants being a good football team so things like that happen from time to time.

Comment by wishmewell

I’m thinking WishMeWell is a gamer with the “FTW.” How many non-gamers would know what that means? Well, except significant others/exes of gamers (as I am).

Comment by amindinmotown

eh not a gamer. I mean, I own Halo3, but past that not so much.

just a big internet nerd

Comment by wishmewell

i’m loving heroes right now as well…

Comment by ExMi

Our weather is all over the place too. Just pick a temperature and FUCKING STICK TO IT!!!

Comment by Paula

When I first saw the trailer for Twilight I thought it was a True Blood ripoff. Maybe it still is but I know Twilight has quite a following.

Comment by Jon

Bah! Twilight! When will you go away!?

Comment by so@24

i don’t think twilight will ever go away…it already made like 400 million dollars in ticket pre-sales alone*

*I may have made that up

Comment by wishmewell

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