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EDITED: This one comes highly recommended.
October 29, 2008, 5:03 pm
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A vital editor’s note exists at the bottom. The italicized portion is my original post, which required editing following a major revelation.


I never do this; honestly, I don’t. But after utilizing nearly two hours of my “work” day – don’t tell the Boss man – to read this blog, literally every entry, I feel this strange, unexplained need to pass it along to others.

If you’re in the 20-something bloggers circle, you may have already heard about it, but if not, head over to My Super Hopeless Romance immediately, and start at the very beginning, as the writer recommends. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

Reading her blog felt more like reading a fiction novel pulled from the shelves of Barnes & Noble, as opposed to an aching 20-something’s real life adventures in loving her best friend. It’s well worth the time in reading each previous entry, because if you just start at the first entry you see – the most recent – you will lose a lot of the emotional pull her blog contains, and it’s that attachment that makes the whole thing more surreal.

If you are of the male persuasion – i.e. you’re a dude – you may not enjoy the blog as much as those of us who are females and can relate to the writer’s words. Heed that warning, although, if you want an in-depth look into the female psyche, perhaps this would be a good read after all, because, without a doubt, it offers a woman’s perspective on love/relationships/dating, etc.

I cannot believe how intertwined I became with this blog while reading it. I literally felt as though I was feeling the same emotions … the anxiety, the sorrow, the joy and the confusion. It’s that powerful, at least in my humble opinion.

And apparently it’s so amazingly crafted and told that I felt the need to spread the news and encourage others to check it out. I’m done now, so go read it. Seriously, DO IT THIS MOMENT … or else. Bwah ha ha.



I wrote that entry less than 15 minutes ago, then ventured over to the site myself and was greeted with a link that inevitably explained this blog was fiction.

And, unlike the “Lonelygirl” followers, it didn’t bother me in the least bit. To be honest, that notion existed in the back of my mind – though I hoped it were real – and to find out it was simply a creative work … kudos to that writer.

Thousands of us logged in for “Cordy’s” tale of woe and love, and enjoyed every moment! And hell, it burned through two hours of my work day today (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). So I still recommend checking it out, even though reading it through a fictional lense may take away that same luster I, and so many others, perused it with. But if you care for well-written, emotionally-intense, romantic fiction, it’s still a worthwhile read from a woman who hopes to one day finish and publish a manuscript. You can find her at Navel Gazing at its Finest, and here is the link where she reveals the truth about her not-so-super-hopeless romance.

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I saw your twitter update and read the most recent posts. I enjoyed it even if it wasn’t on the same level you did. I must admit that I found myself drawn in almost immediately, even after finding out it was fiction.

Comment by Kendall

I cannot express how much I agree with your “introductory” words. I was hooked after the first post (at the beginning) and read through all of it on Monday.

I kept thinking, “This reminds me of Go Ask Alice!” or one of other novels I’ve read in the past that was once questioned for its validity.

Nevertheless, I wrote Cordy. I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her words and her honesty. I spent so many hours obsessing about my weight and food when I was in college. It was refreshing to read another female’s words who experienced the same thing — she kept obsessing about what size jeans she wore, etc. etc.

And of course, the love story. I’m pretty sure I got goose bumps as I got closer to the latest posts.

I loved it. I’m slightly disappointed. But I loved it.

Comment by the almost right word

Everyone is posting about this blog.

Comment by Matt

I’m bummed it’s fake. I wish she would have just kept it up!

Comment by Jamie

Kendall: She wrote it so very well. I’m jealous. I need that kind of talent.

ARW: Disappointment, definite. But what a great love story. I’m a hopeless romantic after all, I suppose.

Matt: It was seriously THAT good.

Jamie: Maybe she still will? But I think knowing it’s fiction will make it less gripping. It was “believing” that made it amazing … sort of like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, I guess.

Comment by amindinmotown

That’s still cool though that you found something that strikes a chord. That’s tough to find.

Comment by Andy

It makes me sad that it’s fake, but I kind of like knowing the truth now. It really was too good to be true. And while it makes me sad that I won’t get to read it anymore, I’m not angry.

I think that site struck a chord with a lot of us.

Comment by stylishhandwriting

Andy: It is. I just hope she continues writing it.

Stylish: Word on the street – and on that blog – is she just might keep writing it, as she originally planned. So we can now read what happens to “Cordy” and “Seth,” sort of.

Comment by amindinmotown

I love Sue… and Cordy. Not only is it great for people in their twenties, but those of us in our thirties love her too.

I just started my blog (I am going to try and let people know what us “Middle Class” folks actually go through 😉 and my second post was dedicated to Sue and Cordy… Sue is brilliant and deserves to move forward without anyone feeling sad or mad or anything other than sheepish and excited that SHE IS GOING TO CONTINUE!

Bests to all and I love your photo.

Comment by Mid

Mid: Thanks! She is definitely brilliant, and I’m glad she’s continuing the blog. Won’t be quite the same, but hopefully still entertaining.

Comment by amindinmotown

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