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You like me. You really like me.
October 27, 2008, 5:09 pm
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The amazing Kendall has bestowed an award upon me (your $20 is in the mail), and so I’ve been assigned the task of passing it along.

As with everything in life, there are stipulations – two rules, to be exact. First, I must list six things I love and then choose six worthy individuals to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award to next, perpetuating the cycle.

Since I’m in a slump, and completely unsure of my next blog entry, I may as well go to town here and see if I’m inspired to write today:

Things I love…

  1. My little sister. She’s not technically “a thing,” but she’s pretty darn awesome. She’s almost 4-1/2 years old and growing up so quickly! Just because she’s 500 miles away doesn’t mean I don’t love and miss her like crazy, and I really cannot wait to see the person she eventually becomes.
  2. Silly faces. If you check me out on Facebook or even catch a glimpse of me “in the real world,” I’m always sticking out my tongue, crossing my eyes or puffing out my cheeks in an attempt to make someone smile. Yea, I could probably just grin and the person might return the gesture, but it’s more fun – for me anyway – to hear a little giggle and see a genuine upturn of one’s mouth.
  3. One Tree Hill. Okay, a television show can be “a thing” as far as I’m concerned, and I will admit I’m highly obsessed. I have seasons one and two on DVD (with three, four and five expected this Christmas). I also plan to drive my butt to Wilmington, NC where it’s filmed – approximately four hours away – and check out the various locations. Sometimes, I’m still 15 years old…
  4. Post-it notes. Simple, yet amazing. I can never have enough.
  5. Maple syrup on scrambled eggs. Okay okay, I was struggling a bit to come up with a fifth one that was a little less than typical. But it’s true, and it’s the only way I eat my scrambled eggs. Ha.
  6. Heavy snowfall in the middle of the night. I may live in the South now – and part of moving here was to avoid snow/ice – but when snow would fall around 3 a.m. and few, if any, cars or people were on the road, this crystal sheet of white would just encompass everything, glistening so brightly in the otherwise dark sky. So beautiful, and something I definitely miss about Pennsylvania.

And to pass this award to other deserving members of the blogging community, I give this to:

  • Jack and Jill Online because their blog helps define “kreativ.”
  • Your Beard is Good – even though I’m sure he won’t pass it along. He’s hilarious, enough said.
  • The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy. Lives in NC, an absolute riot, and I cannot believe she hasn’t made the big bucks yet through her comedic blogging capabilities.
  • Your Girlfriend is Ugly. She is sarcastic and can recount her observations and life in an amazingly readable/enjoyable manner. Love it.
  • The Almost Right Word is awesome because the blogger continually recommends, reviews and discusses topics that pertain to a wide audience. Highly recommend checking it out.
  • [F]oxymoron has a unique layout for his blog with a great means of tackling a variety of topics at once and through different media including both regular blogging and photography.

Go forth and conquer folks, and check out those blogs. They are definitely some of my favorites – some of which I have yet to, but will soon be, adding to my blogroll due to my inability to stay away from perusing all too often!

And thanks again to Kendall. =)

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I read all of them except the Jack and Jill one.


Comment by Matt

Amazing? Moi? My heart is filled with the “awww”.

I can eat maple syrup on eggs if they run over but I’ve never purposefully put them together.

And I’m curious to know how this fabled $20 is supposed to get to me when you only have a vague idea of where I live. Do I need to call Chris Hansen?

Comment by Kendall

I used to be so obsessed with One Tree Hill. Something about the third season made me stop watching though and now I’m all obsessed with Gossip Girl.

Comment by Megkathleen

Thank you! I’m so honored — I think this is one of the awards that is a bit more deserving of honor.

And I’ll confess, I’m pretty into One Tree Hill too. 😉

Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate it.

Comment by the almost right word

Matt: “Jill” is Mindy from Minneapolis.

Kendall: Yes, please call him. He’ll tell you how to find the $20.

Meg: Gossip Girl is also awesome, but 1th is my first love, ha.

ARW: You are very welcome!

Comment by amindinmotown

Hey, did you know they incorrectly spelled creative on that badge 🙂

Ok, ok, ok…

Thanks for the sssshhhhout out…

Comment by [F]oxymoron

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