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Google me baby. Google me hard.
October 6, 2008, 3:43 pm
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…I’ve googled myself. It’s true. And I’m glad I can say that to those reading this blog without awkward looks, like the ones I’d probably get from my grandmother if I said the same thing.

And what I’ve discovered is that I am – sans one entry about a child given up for adoption (definitely not me) – the only person with my name on “The Google” (thank you G.W.).

All of those news articles from a variety of sites? Me. Classmates.com? Signed up a few years ago (haven’t checked it once, though). “What is 26 Odd?” you may ask. A creation, i.e. published book, of my high school “creative writing” course that you can, indeed, still purchase through Amazon.com.

With the simple click of a mouse, one can discover my name on numerous West Scranton High School honor roll listings, a few informational Penn State Worthington Scranton items and even several articles I wrote through my college years for the monthly publication Voices of Central Pennsylvania.

(I even think an entry from Lauren’s blog comes up since I commented with my full name… Oops!)

Seven pages of entries – unless you want to see “omitted results” – noting my received scholarships, written works, presence at Mooresville Graded School District meetings and elementary education at St. Ann’s Basilica School.

That’s right folks, 55 of 56 entries about yours truly. The wonders of the Internet, despite being a constant in my life since age 13, still seem to amaze me.

And if you’re curious, which I’m sure you are, “Mindy” and my last name yields only three results, also solely devoted to moi. Try removing the quotes (on Mindy) if you’d care to see my NSync Web site, circa 1999. It’s the first entry titled and the site is seemingly about racing, according to that title.

NOTE: Since I originally wrote this blog entry, “A MinD in MoTown” has officially made it on the Google list when searching my full name. Lovely.
NOTE #2: In Googling myself several months later, this entry was #49 on the search engine, which oh-so-slightly caused me to fear future potential employers may not find my blog entirely work-appropriate at all times … so I deleted my full name from this entry. Sorry.

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I can’t believe you aren’t just directly posting the link to your NSync site–why are you making me do the work!? lol

Comment by stealthnerd

Impressive. Unfortunately for me there’s some track star in SC with my name so you don’t really get any links for me. Stupid track star.

Comment by Megkathleen

I have a really common name, so it’s a lot harder to find things about me but since I started working at the paper and dropping photos on the wire, I’m a lot easier to find. And that is cool/scary to me.

Comment by stylishhandwriting

I google myself all the time. Don’t feel bad. Also, I thought of you (weird?) on Saturday when they had the SNL skit that ripped on Scranton, which I thought was hilarious. Thoughts?

Comment by Andy

Nerd: If you want to see it that badly, you have to be willing to do the work. I cannot believe the amount of time I actually put into that Web site nearly a decade ago, haha.

Meg: Stupid track star is right. I don’t like her.

Stylish: I used to wish I had a more “common” name, but now that I’m older, I appreciate having an awkward last name combined with a less-than-typical first name. Strange how things change.

Andy: Glad you thought of me, and I can definitely say I was a little less than thrilled for a moment there. My full thoughts will be in the next blog entry (probably later today).

Comment by amindinmotown


I google my name and nothing really comes up. Its sad.

Comment by Matt

Matt: Just make a porno. I bet it’ll come up then (pun totally intended).

Comment by amindinmotown

I ALSO google myself. I heart the internets and the googles!!

Comment by Luvvie

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