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Like a glove, baby. Like a glove.
August 26, 2008, 4:42 pm
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In an office dominated by 30/40/50-somethings, I occasionally feel like an outsider. I cannot relate to stories of the early 1980s – the pre-womb days – nor do I recall much of the latter part of the decade despite my 1985 birth. But some moments allow me to feel right at home, as if these coworkers are my North Carolina family, and the newsroom, my home away from home.

And in that family, I often feel like the tattle-tale daughter, always running to my editor when so-and-so doesn’t return my phone calls for a story I’m working on. Although my intentions are typically to explain that the article may run later than my 3 p.m. deadline, he dives to his computer, pulling up the applicable email address, reiterating the importance of so-and-so to swiftly return my message. More often than not, my phone rings within ten minutes and the information I spent hours trying to get was just laid out at my fingertips. Thanks “dad” Mr. Editor.

After talking to my parents following my recent run in with the law (see Policia! Policia! for further information), I called a fellow reporter and bawled on the phone, attempting to think about something other than losing my driving privileges. And it wasn’t the first time my tears prompted turning to her.

Around Thanksgiving – the day before my parents planned to travel 500 miles south and visit me in NC for the holiday – my step-father was electrocuted and broke his hip after someone tackled him to the ground, breaking his electrically charged grasp on the live wire (’tis true folks). I was at work when I got the news, thus the Crybaby broke free and took control. It was tough, especially knowing it would now be the first holiday away from my family, with step-father in the hospital, awaiting months of rehabilitation just to walk again.

And as I cried upon hearing the news – and receiving periodic updates as I took photos of the MoTown Christmas parade – that coworker was there to console me. It meant a lot, and it still does, knowing there are at least a few people here I can turn to despite not having known a single one of them just 15 months ago.

Since moving to North Carolina in May 2007 – a whole four days after my college graduation – I’ve come a long way. I’ve learned how capable I am standing on my own two feet. I’ve realized it’s possible to manage my money instead of splurging at every available opportunity. And I’ve figured out that the work place can be more than a job.

I got lucky and stumbled into a career I enjoy, as I’ve said before on numerous occasions. And what I’m slowly determining is that I found a newsroom where – regardless of an age difference that allows me to remember childhood television that surrounded Eureeka’s Castle and David the Gnome while my coworkers fondly recall shows I’ve only seen on Nick at Nite – I strangely fit … comfortably … and for that, I’m more than grateful.

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Eureeka’s castle? David the gnome?

Are those even real shows?

Comment by Matt

Eureeka’s casle was great.

Meeting new peopel is awesomuntil they turn you in for public urination.

Comment by rs27

Oh, I have had quite a few “cry baby” moments @ work.. it’s never fun.

Comment by deutlich

I have had many times in works where I’ve ended up crying, or just wanted to. And conversely, I have also had times when I’ve felt like the OLD one, even though I’m only 28!

Comment by Paula

The people you work with can make such a huge difference. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t like most of the people I work with.

Comment by megkathleen

Oh man, I loved Eureka’s Castle and David the Gnome!

Comment by Jamie

Matt: Yes, they’re real. Wikipedia them. You must be old if you don’t recall the greatness of morning Nick.

rs27: Public urination, eh? Is there something you care to share?

deutlich: Not fun in the least!

Paula: Aww, 28 is SO not old at all! A 28-year-old would be, for me, a very welcome addition in this newsroom.

Meg: I think I keep my second job – waitressing, blah – just because of the people I work with. It’s definitely not the $$ keeping me there.

Jamie: As we all did!

Comment by amindinmotown

I’m the baby at my office too. And even though it’s only by 5 or 6 years (in most cases) I’m still outnumbered by being unmarried and childless. A few good friends are all you need though!

Oh, and I could slap Matt for questioning whether David the Gnome and Eureeka’s Castle are real. Those shows were IT when we were growing up. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I kind of miss them.

Comment by stealthnerd

It’s weird. While I am one of the newer employees in my newsroom, I’m around the median age of everyone there.

I had a baby moment yesterday, though, when I had stepped in a fire ant hill on assignment (ugh) and ran into a copperhead snake. I swear, ten people came into my little photo room to make sure I was OK. And it was cute.

Comment by stylishhandwriting

Nerd: Matt sucks. A lot. And I totally miss the shows, too – although, the voice of Magellan is also the voice for Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House (though I have no idea if that’s still on!).

Stylish: Ants and snakes. What the hell were you doing lady? Ha.

Comment by amindinmotown

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