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Peace out, girl scout.
August 15, 2008, 2:12 pm
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And so, today marks one year at the newspaper. A year of writing about school activites and board meetings, new playgrounds and deceased town officials, monuments and pet cemeteries. Have I yet made my own little mark on Mooresville? Perhaps, but there are at least a few more years ahead of me at the Tribune, and maybe, just maybe, people will start remembering my name (if I’m called Megan or Melissa one more time, I may scream.).

So, how shall I celebrate this occasion? With a vacation, of course! (Okay, the two just happen to coincide, but it worked well as a lead-in.)

As of tomorrow morning, I’ll be basking in the sun of North Carolina’s Outer Banks – Kitty Hawk, to be precise, where I’ll likely check out the Wright brothers’ museum for the second time – where it will unfortunately be a pleasant three to five degrees cooler than my town nestled six hours inland. Oh well, I will make the best of my last work-break until Christmas regardless.

And so, I leave you all (the five to six folks who might check this blog out) with something I should have done days ago: the Kick Ass Blogger awards.

As was bestowed upon me by Lauren – thanks doll! – I will pass it along to five others who I can’t help but check out on a regular, perhaps daily, venture to my work computer.

They are all to the left as well, ’cause clearly I’m checking them out regularly myself, but I highly suggest you do, too – if you aren’t already, of course! And this lovely award ceremony was brought to you by MammaDawg, so head over there or her Kick Ass Blogger Award page and check it out.

I’ll be back Friday, Aug. 22, since I’m sure everyone is eagerly anticipating my return. I may or may not bring my laptop to the beach – assuming the latter at this point though – but I’m around on Twitter (via my cellular device) if missing me becomes too much.

Have a great week, and people, please don’t blog too much! I might actually have to do work when I’m back at the office. (Who am I kidding?)

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Kick ass! Thanks!

Comment by so@24

Ahh! You’re so sweet! Congrats on your work-aversary and enjoy you’re vacay. 🙂

P.S. Great blog!

Comment by hautepocket


and congrats on the anniversary

Comment by Matt

kitty hawk? that’s so cool – would love to go there/ maybe that’s just because i’m from south africa, but i think it would be awesome.


Comment by expensivemistakescheapthrills

Have a great vacation!

Comment by megkathleen

@24: Anytime!

Haute, Matt and Meg: Thank you both muchly!

Thrills: Kitty Hawk is beautiful, especially with the history attached to it. South Africa might be a little far, but I bet living there is amazing!

Comment by amindinmotown

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