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Care to know the color of my underwear?
July 28, 2008, 4:41 pm
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I began this blog with the intentions of using it as a columist template, if you will. My trial run at writing as a “columnist,” which generally means taking my opinions and forming them into a cohesive, potentially entertaining read – funny (at times – verdict is still out on whether I actually produce laughs, let alone giggles), insightful, intelligent, critical, a variety of entertainment possibilities mostly because I’m not great at consistency.

While I’ve had no formal or informal reviews as of yet (come on guys, how am I doing?), I keep struggling with how much of my personal life should make it into this particular blog. I have a LiveJournal for the majority of personal issues – if you’d like to check it out, shoot me an email at mskutnick@gmail.com – and I’d like to maintain a boundary between the two. But is it possible to blur that line more than simply talking about my job and my dog? Have I perhaps already breached a border I should have kept when using this as a journalist-wanting-to-become-a-columnist blog?

Talking about myself seems to be the easiest thing to do most days. Taking some mundane experience or even something a little more exciting – the antics of Sophie, for instance – and sharing what exactly I thought about it. But do I move into discussions about love, lust, family, friends, etc.? At what point does this blog become too personal?

I suppose I’m looking for feedback here. I’m not avoiding giving readers a sense of who I am, what I love and the life I lead. Rather, I’m attempting a level that remains fairly professional. I don’t want yet another blog about the intricacies of my every-day existence. I want something that shows people my abilities as a both a writer and an intelligent, opinionated woman (I hate calling myself a “woman,” by the way. It makes me feel older than I’d prefer. “Lady” is even worse.)

So, someone, anyone, let me know your thoughts. At what point do I toss my personal life aside and stick to issues and thought-provoking (even if only my own) topics? A few responses would be greatly appreciated folks.

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Dude…totally write about the intricacies of your daily life. Just watch how you tell it! That’s all most of us do anyway, but it’s all in the wording. I think you’re on the right track here!

Comment by stealthnerd

Oh, and actually, I WOULD care to know the color of your underwear. But not in a creepy way. I’m just curious like that.

Comment by stealthnerd

…Black, for the inquiring mind.
That will, however, change tomorrow. It actually tends to daily. I’m clean like that.

((Edit)) I’d like to add that it’s only black because I’m wearing a black shirt and prefer matching. Though if you care to read into it all “10 Things I Hate About You” esque, feel free. You might be right.

Comment by amindinmotown

The great thing is- it’s your blog and you can do with it, whatever you please.

You’re doing a great job as is…

PS…I think stealthnerd is wanting to know the underwear thing in a creepy way. Dont tell her.

Comment by Matt

Ah yes, this is a fine line. You see, I recently got screwed out of a job for my blog. However, I think blogs with some personal information, however trivial, are the most interesting ones. In closing: f*ck that company for not giving me a job.

Comment by mindy

you shouldn’t have told her the color…


Comment by Matt

Mindy: Yes, f*ck them! If you google my name, you find my NSync Web site from ninth grade. I hope future employers don’t hold that against me! Haha.

Matt: Eh, she’s probably seen my underwear before anyway, sitting behind me for two classes an entire semester. Plus, it’s not black today anyway. It was only accurate for a brief moment in time.

Comment by amindinmotown

@ Matt: You’re just jealous because I’m not looking at your underwear.

@ Mindy: I didn’t actually see much of your skivvies in class and I always appreciated that about you!!

Comment by stealthnerd

Its funny.. When you put the question out there, “Care to know the color of my undies” Of course its gonna make people curious! I mean if you made it into a blog, then why not just go international with your undies!!
Men’s Underwear

Comment by epicswirrles1

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