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And a Happy Birthday to me.
July 14, 2008, 5:28 pm
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In a little less than 7 hours, my 23rd birthday will begin, marking the final year of my “early twenties.”

Twenty-three seems to be such a lackluster age. At 21, you can legally drink – although, how many people actually wait until that milestone these days? At 25, your insurance should decrease, which is about the only thing I can imagine one looking forward to when celebrating a quarter of a century moving into the rearview.

But 23 … there’s a whole lot of nothing. I shall mark the day by heading to work at the newspaper and having my eyes examined because I desperately need to order new contacts – oh, and because my lovely puppy gnawed the frames to my only pair of glasses yesterday, rendering them beyond wear. Perhaps a dinner in the evening and then slipping under the covers only to see July 16 remind me how far away my next birthday is.

And yet, I’m fairly excited about my birthday for somewhat nonsensical reasons.

I think I enjoy an entire day being dedicated to me (yes, I’m completely aware that other people throughout the history of the world have been born on July 15, but in my world, I’m the most important – Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame comes in at a close second). My somewhat-selfish nature – and I will deny saying that in the future – basks in knowing people want to wish me happiness on that day. There is just something magical about it being my birthday, and honestly, who can blame me? After all, it only comes but once per year.

The mania that was my 21st has past. I will not be drinking pitchers of liquor that taste like blue pixie-sticks. I will not be skipping down the street, latched onto my friends, drunkenly singing/slurring “Happy Birthday to me” to complete strangers. And I will not be passing out on the lawns of fraternity houses (yes, it happened). But the splendor that is July 15 will always be the same, even when the not-so-highly-anticipated 30 rears its ugly head.

So if you happen to catch a glimpse of this blog at some point tomorrow, raise a glass to yours truly. Au revoir 22 – you weren’t too shabby.

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy 23… before you know it, you’ll be clinging onto your twenties with both hands, breaking your grip only to punch the bag boy at Harris Teeter for calling you ma’am.

Comment by J-Money

J-Money: Thank you! But what does it say that they already call me ma’am? I’ve assumed it’s a southern hospitality thing my Yankee-self is still adjusting to.

Comment by amindinmotown

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