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So this is the ass that’s going to represent us?
June 4, 2008, 4:16 pm
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Perhaps my title gives the perception that I’m not a fan of Barack Obama, which would be an untrue assumption. However, as a Democrat – though not yet registered in North Carolina, thus I did not vote in the primary election this past May – I should be more excited about my party’s nominee. But nothing inside brings forth the joy that one would think this annoucement should carry.

Instead … I just don’t care. Do I want to see a Democrat finally unseat President Bush? Of course. Any liberally minded individual would want the same. But for me, personally, there has been nothing about Obama – or Hillary Clinton, for that matter – that has made me eager to not only register to vote in this state, but run to the polls to show my support. Absolutely nothing.

I’ve been regularly keeping up with the news. I like to think that part of my job as both a reporter and an informed citizen is staying abreast of current events, so I have read, repeatedly, both Obama and Clinton’s stances on their most important issues, healthcare and Iraq – none of which has jumped out at me and screamed “I should be the next president of the United States.”

This begs just one question … Why?

For months now, the issues at hand for all Democrats, even those like John Edwards who threw their hat into the ring, have been overshadowed by the race to become the party’s representative candidate. And unfortunately, for young, not-so-politically-intelligent people like myself, the national, state and city news oozing from headlines has focused on Democrat versus Democrat for that seat instead of the issues at hand.

Did I care which candidate represented me and my party? No, although many would argue – rightfully so – that I should have a more vested interest in something that will directly effect me for eight potential years. But now that a candidate has been chosen – something that should have occurred long before June – I want to know how Obama stacks up against the Republication candidate-elect, John McCain.

No more Clinton news, no more focusing on superdelegates and state primaries … please focus on the ISSUES and what may make each man right for the job. We aren’t asking him to pump gas, we aren’t forcing him to serve dinner at Denny’s; we are voting for him, choosing him, as the leader of our country and it’s about damn time the news organizations across America begin focusing on this important decision.

I believe I read somewhere – I read a lot of news so my precise source has been long forgotten – that the race between Obama and Clinton lasted 18 months. EIGHTEEEN MONTHS!? And now, with only five months left until Election Day, with only a fraction of time truly remaining, the magnifying glass needs to be placed on these two candidates vying head to head for the country’s most important role. I’m sick of being uninformed by general news organizations who placed a skewed focus on the entire presidential election when dispersing information.

Could I have turned to CNN, MSNBC, etc. for the news I was lacking? Yes, but the point is that I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to turn to the widely read news organizations that I utilize each day for that information and because it wasn’t there, I’ve missed a great deal. It’s time to play catch up – and I’m talking to you, Associated Press – because the real story is Obama versus McCain and what each man could do for our plummeting country. My uninformed, currently apathetic self would like to see a Democrat at the helm when Bush’s reign is over, but I’d like to make sure Obama is the right man before I cast my vote simply based on liberal party dreams.

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