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Gas, grass or ass. Nobody rides for free.
May 22, 2008, 3:53 pm
Filed under: Argh, Pourquoi?

It seems that in every conversational circle lately, the increasingly higher price of gas becomes a source of much complaining among people today … and yesterday, and tomorrow. With the rising fuel costs come higher grocery bills, shipping fees, etc. as retailers and industries pass their higher budget needs onto consumers.

But this is the way society has always been. This isn’t something new. This isn’t something drastically different from the manner in which communities have acted for ages. The mounting costs of goods and services have always dictated the rising prices of other goods and services, causing a ripple effect throughout society, felt primarily by the wallets of Americans. So why all the complaining?!

Gas has become a necessity for travel for anyone not willing to ride a bicycle to work or walk to the grocery store, so lamenting about the $4/gallon of gas one must pay is fruitless. An individual needs to be 100% willing to change their lifestyle if they want the right – in my opinion – to repeatedly nag about their unleaded fuel needs.

Are rising gas prices annoying? Of course. Nobody wants to spend a dollar or more on each gallon of gas their vehicle requires. But people seem to complain as if this is happening solely to them, as if it isn’t affecting every American across the country. And I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about it.

I realize that the gas prices being asked of Americans is higher than ever before and that it is truly affecting many other facets of society. However, it is something we as a country are collectively experiencing and collectively dealing with on a daily basis. And, obviously, it is not something that seems to be ceasing any time in the near future. Rather, people must learn to adapt and change – be it their lifestyle or their budget – to cope with these rising prices. Complaining will lead nowhere. Only change will.

As for me, my driving needs outside of the necessary to-and-from work, the grocery store, the few other places I frequent haven’t changed. I’ll continue sliding my Wachovia card into the pump and watching the total increase as the value of my dollar diminishes a bit more. But at least I won’t be the girl annoying others with her constant whining and grumbling over having to do so.


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