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From A to the Bee’s
April 9, 2008, 1:09 pm
Filed under: Foodage

It has struck yet again. That craving I have in the back of my mouth. That urge for a fried chicken salad, or a fajita rollup, or even their queso. That’s right, once again I want Applebee’s for lunch.

At least once a week, this craving hits me … hard. I start thinking about what I’d like for lunch and realize that Applebee’s is calling my name, despite the fact that I was probably there last week, or maybe even yesterday. Worse yet, I refuse to go alone and I inevitably drag a fellow coworker with me, earning the chain restaurant a few extra dollars as a result.

I wish I could put my finger on what draws me into this particular restaurant on a weekly basis. Is it their advertising campaign? Definitely not. I am, in no way, persuaded by a talking apple. To be honest, that’s just rather bizarre. Is it their serving staff? Again a resounding “no” because I have been annoyed by several of them on more than one occasion. Actually, let me recount my least favorite local Applebee’s server:

For the sake of this argument, let’s name him Punk Dude. He’s pretty tall – around 6′ or so – and quite lanky with black spiky hair. Prominent tattoos are displayed and he walks around the restaurant with this “I don’t give a shit about anything” attitude. He’s not friendly. He takes your order, does the minimal possible, and goes about with his day. He’s really the most lackluster server I’ve encountered, as well as the most apathetic. Punk Dude often forgets to return with requested items – such as my extra tomatoes for a fried chicken salad – and he lurks over you to check on your table, as opposed to simply asking how you and the other guests are doing. I pray each time I go to my local Applebee’s that by the saving grace of God, someone else will be my server. But if it’s lunchtime – and sometimes dinnertime – he’s probably there and I’m always sat in his section. Boo to that.

But today, like any day, I’m craving some lovely item from their menu and I must give in. I’ve recruited a coworker to order with me – Carside To Go today due to a lack of time.

I see a fried chicken salad with italian dressing calling my name. Mmmm.

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